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1. Mycoplasma in Poultry

Release date: 23-Nov-2021

Mycoplasmosis is a very important issue in poultry production. In this interview-style podcast, the importance of mycoplasma and its effect on the respiratory system are discussed. To maximise health and profitability in breeders and layers, it is of vital importance to control mycoplasma with tailored control programs.

1. Micoplasmosis en aves de corral

Release date: 23-Nov-2021

La Micoplasmosis es un problema muy importante en la producción avícola. En este podcast, estilo entrevista, se analiza la importancia del Micoplasma y su efecto en el sistema respiratorio. Para maximizar la salud y la rentabilidad de las gallinas reproductoras y ponedoras, es de vital importancia controlar el Micoplasma con programas de control personalizados.


2. Mycoplasma control from the hatchery perspective

Release date: 14-Dec-2021

In this interview-style podcast, the discussion focuses on the best methods for detecting Mycoplasma in the hatchery. It is important to identity Mycoplasma early, making the hatchery one of the best places to do so.


3/1. Selecting the most appropriate diagnostics to establish a successful Mycoplasma control program, part I.

Release date: 06-Jan-2022

In this two-part, interview-style podcast, we will first explore how to correctly identify Mycoplasma and then consider how to design a successful Mycoplasma control program. The podcast will include discussion around selected methods including ELISA, PCR, and MICs as well as production data analysis.


3/2. Selecting the most appropriate diagnostics to establish a successful Mycoplasma control program, part II.

Release date: 27-Jan-2022


4. Mycoplasma treatment options and considerations in high challenge areas

Release date: 17-Feb-2022

In this interview-style podcast, the discussion focuses on Mycoplasma control in high challenge areas. This situation is very common, particularly in Asia, where many operations are multi-age. For this podcast, we are focusing on the broiler breeder segment. Although each poultry segment may have a slightly different focus, general concepts remain the same.


5. Factors affecting egg quality and egg production

Release date: 31-Mar-2022

In this interview-style podcast, the discussion focuses on factors affecting egg quality and its effect on egg production. Eggshell quality is of major importance to the egg industry and has a significant economic impact on both hatching eggs and commercial egg production. Maintaining eggshell quality is a complex challenge requiring every effort for continuous improvement.


6. What we know about Mycoplasma synoviae today

Release date: 2-June-2022

An interview with Anneke Feberwee, one of the world’s leading Mycoplasma experts.

Today, we discuss with Dr. Anneke Feberwee on the background to our current knowledge of MS and how it was acquired along with conclusions that can be drawn from it in modern poultry production. Dr. Feberwee is a world-renowned expert in research and diagnostics. Her main body of work centres around avian Mycoplasmosis and organized disease control programmes.


7. The economic importance of Nectrotic enteritis and Clostridium perfringens for poultry production

Release date: 04-August-2022

Ruediger Hauck is now an Assistant Professor at Auburn University in Alabama, where he has a joined appointment at the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Agricultural College. Since he came to Alabama with its large broiler industry, his research interests focus on intestinal health and especially how the interactions of different pathogens affect intestinal health. We discuss with Ruediger how Clostridium perfringens and Coccidia together cause Necrotic Enteritis and what the practical relevance of their interaction for broiler producers is.


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