Parasite Solutions

Internal and external parasites can cause a variety of health problems in all animals.

ECO Animal Health offer a range of parasite solutions to treat parasites in cattle, sheep, pigs and horses under the brand name Ecomectin®. In some markets, Ecozole®, Ecomintic, Ecotraz and other products are also available.

ECO Animal Health understands the dynamics of the ivermectin market in Europe and worldwide, distributing a range of products including horse paste, pour-ons, injectables and premixes under both the ECOMECTIN® brand name and also private label brands for a wide range of customers.

The Ecomectin® range offers products of a consistently high quality at an attractive price.
Ecomectin® products offer the highest possible level of quality and efficacy. Ecomectin® products have been shown to be bioequivalent with Ivomec® products by plasma analyses and/or clinical trials.

Local claims vary; please check the label or with your veterinarian.

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