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Our company holds marketing authorisations in over 70 countries with plans for further growth. Our products reach producers and animal owners through a mixture of third-party distribution, ECO subsidiaries and joint ventures in key food producing markets and direct to major integrators via a key account management approach.

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Chickens in a hutch Aivlosin®/ Valosin®
Piglets feeding in a pig pen Parasite Solutions
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Aivlosin®/Valosin® Solutions

Aivlosin® is a proprietary, patented medication which is effective against both respiratory and enteric diseases in pigs and poultry. As a next generation antibiotic, it meets current guidelines for responsible use of antimicrobials and the needs of the more demanding consumer while being economically beneficial to the producer. Aivlosin® is available only through veterinary prescription.

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Parasite Solutions

Internal and external parasites can cause a variety of health problems in all animals.

ECO Animal Health offers a range of products to treat parasites in cattle, sheep and pigs under the brand name Ecomectin®.

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Innovative New Products

ECO Animal Health is proactively researching and developing innovative new solutions to enhance the lives of pigs and poultry.

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