The Aivlosin® Solution

Aivlosin® is a proprietary, patented medication which is effective against both respiratory and enteric diseases in pigs and poultry. As a next generation antibiotic, it meets current guidelines for responsible use of antimicrobials and the needs of the more demanding consumer while being economically beneficial to the producer. Aivlosin® is available only through veterinary prescription.

Enteric and respiratory diseases in pigs and poultry are often the most damaging diseases, reducing health and profitability. In spite of vaccination and good management, disease outbreaks can occur, requiring antibiotic treatment to restore health and maintain welfare.

Our major focus is supporting customers in the treatment and control of the economically important bacteria mycoplasma in pigs and poultry through our internal expertise and depth of knowledge in the field, assisted by a network of external consultants.

Aivlosin® is sold under the registered trademark Valosin® in some markets.       Local claims vary; please check the label or with your veterinarian.

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